Looking for Podcast interviewees!

Is there something you wish you'd told someone, but never did? Has it been nagging at you? And what is it that you wish you'd told this person?

I'm a podcast host, former BBC-journalist and Columbia University alum, and I'm looking for guests for my podcast: All I Wanted To Say - the last words you wish you'd told someone, but never did. 

The podcast will launch later this year on At Will Radio (www.atwillent.com), a new podcast company in NYC, hosting shows by the likes of Glee's Jenna Ushkowitz and model and actor Nico Tortorella, founded by Forbes 30 Under 30 restaurateur Will Malnati.

In this podcast I'll be gathering stories about the last words you wanted to tell someone but didn't. Maybe it was to a lover you messed up with one too many times and they no longer wanted to hear it, or a tricky situation with an old friend. Perhaps you have a message to a parent you've never met, or want to thank a stranger for a kind deed. Maybe it's from when you were a child and didn't feel like you could speak up to an adult, or a situation at work where there was too much at stake for you to be able to say what you wanted to say. Perhaps a factor such as race or gender meant you weren't able to speak freely, or something else entirely. If you've a story to share, then please get in touch.

I'm especially interested in stories about love and about power dynamics. Regarding the latter, often there is the assumption that people in 'high powered jobs' actually do yield a lot of power. Hence I'm especially interested in a story which would show the nuances and complexities of such a situation. But really, I'm interested in anything.

The recordings will be audio only and I will meet you in person to record, and this will take around an hour. The final podcast will be around 15 minutes and will be released on the At Will Radio stream on iTunes. You are welcome to use a different name if that works better for you and we can work together to make sure the story is not too identifiable if that is going to be an issue.

Also I'm happy to meet up so you can scope me out in person and see how you feel about it all. And here is more on me via my LinkedIn. I'm also on nastarantavakolifar <at> gmail.com or 07810 143976 and looking forward to hearing from you!


Nastaran tavakoli- far,   podcast host

Nastaran tavakoli- far, podcast host