Negotiating: Asking for What You Want

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Do you find that it's easier to negotiate on behalf of others than it is to negotiate for your own benefit? Well, you're not alone! Research shows that many women perform better when they're advocating for others rather than when negotiating for themselves, especially when it comes to pay or promotion. Studies have also shown that there sometimes can be a social backlash when women ask for what they want. 

The key is learning to negotiate and to ask for what you want in the right way... in a way where everyone feels like they've "won". This is not only possible, but also with practice and over time can feel so natural that you aren't even conscious that you're actually negotiating - it just becomes part of your everyday conversational style. 

To overcome your reluctance to negotiate and enjoy the rewards of your hard work, join the (complimentary) webinar, Negotiating - Asking for What You Want, by Christine Brown-Quinn, The Female Capitalist®, on Thursday, the 28th of September 2017 at 4pm London time (11am EST). 

Look forward to "seeing" you on Thursday, the 28th of September 2017! 


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