Featured Club: Marquette University UK

  • Club name: Marquette University European Alumni Network (EAN)
  • Inception: Created in 2010 by three London based and one France based Alumni, Belton Flournoy, Marek Krawczyk, Michael Peterson and Kelly Klieban
  • Membership: Grown from 50 to over 100 alumni across the UK
  • Events: Three annually (spring, fall and summer) study abroad students included
  • Facebook Profile
  • @MarquetteEAN
  • marquetteEAN@gmail.com

The Marquette and University of Wisconsin-Madison Clubs have partnered for a number of events in London. The relationship stems from the fact that both Universities are located in the state of Wisconsin (and it doesn't hurt that the Club Leaders are friends).

They joined forces last year to pay tribute to Marquette alumnusJames Foley, a war correspondent who was tragically killed in Syria.

The event raised £2,000 for Jim’s memorial scholarship at Marquette. Well-known journalist Vaughan Smith gave a compelling talk about the importance of freelance journalism. In attendance were two people that knew Jim personally — his friend Marco from Marquette who spent a few summers with Jim in Chicago and Shawn, a war documentary maker that spent time with Jim in London. 

People of all ages attended — from students to grandfathers, of different nationalities and affiliations — all brought together for this event. 

The common denominator was Jim.