US Alumni Club Awards 2018

University Alumni Clubs are run by alumni, for alumni, and most importantly, by volunteers. They use their free time to foster their alumni community, and we believe their hard work and dedication deserves to be rewarded!

Many universities recognize these efforts via alumni awards, but here in London we want to take it a step further to honor clubs, their leaders and volunteers across all US Universities.

The US Alumni Club has created a suite of awards in recognition of service to US Universities, alumni communities, volunteerism, leadership, and overall excellence.

Award winners will be announced at our First Club Leaders Awards Party in January (more details to come soon, watch our website).

Nomination Criteria

To nominate a Club or individual for an award:

  1. You must have graduated from or attended (e.g. as an international student) a US University

  2. Cannot nominate yourself (for individual awards), however a Club leader can nominate her/his Club

Judging Process

The judging panel will evaluate all nominees based on criteria in four major categories: Leadership, Governance, Programming, and Creativity, ultimately identifying the one club or individual that excels the greatest in each category.

Judging panel is comprised of the USAC Advisory Board and Directors. In order to avoid conflict of interest, judges will not be able to participate/vote for awards where their schools are nominated.

  • Alexa Fernandez

  • Ashwin Tirodkar

  • Christine Brown-Quinn

  • Corinne Goldberg

  • Jessica Liew

  • Jim Fitzmaurice

  • Maria Shiao

More details about the awards

Club Leader of the Year

In recognition of leadership and service excellence rendered to their US University Club and their alumni community.

Qualification Criteria

  1. A Club Leader is defined as an individual who serves (officially or unofficially) on the leadership board of the University’s alumni club in the UK as President, Vice President, Treasurer, or Secretary

  2. The Club Leader must be an alum of the US university for which they serve

  3. Nominee can be a current or past leader

Committee chairs and advisory board members should be nominated under volunteer of the year.

Volunteer of the Year

This award is in recognition of a volunteer who is has volunteered their time in service of their alumni club and community (e.g. organizing an event, running social media, fundraising, etc)

Qualification Criteria

  1. An alum of his/her US university for which they volunteer

  2. Must not be part of the Club’s Executive leadership board (e.g. President, Vice President, Secretary or Treasurer)

  3. Nominator must be a Club leader

Pan-University Event of the Year

An event organized by a Club or cohort of Clubs that is open to the whole US University alumni community.

Qualification Criteria:

  1. Can be organized by a single club or a cohort of clubs

  2. Clubs should be able to demonstrate that the event was marketed to all universities (via US Alumni Club website/social media/email, etc)

Club Event of the Year

In recognition of an outstanding event put on by a Club for its alumni community

Qualification Criteria

  1. An event organized by an individual Club

  2. Open to all types of events: can be social, community, cultural, etc

Alumni Club of the Year

Presented to an Alumni Club who has excelled in the following categories in the given year: governance, programming, membership, and communication.

We recognize that a large club can offer more activities than a smaller one, hence judging will be based on quality not quantity.

Another judging criteria will be improvement. Regardless of the size of the Club, we will evaluate what the Club did differently year on year and what improved (e.g. number of alumni joining club, more volunteers, introduced new concept for events, new governance structure, etc)

Qualification Criteria

Club must be active from at least 2017