Career Powwow: Focus on Tech


When we talk about the tech industry the ones that come to mind are the big tech companies (likes of Facebook or Deliveroo) or traditional technology like science and engineering. However, it covers much more than that and includes: startups, service providers, governments, not-for-profits, SMEs, and so on. 



  • You don’t have to be a coder or engineer to work at a tech company, rather you have to be able to understand their thinking and methodology and translate it to your job
  • It’s important to change your mindset if you want to move from a corporate job to the tech world (be more flexibility, more open…)
  • Making a change takes time, don’t lose patience
  • Your network is your more valuable asset when you’re job hunting (all of our speakers got their jobs through their network)
  • The range of career opportunities in the tech industry for the non-technical are very diverse: product, finance, business development, ecosystem builder, talent…identify your skill set and target those jobs best suited for you when ou wish to make a transition

Thank you to our speakers for sharing their story with us, and thank you to the Mary Keller Women in Tech network for partnering with us for this fabulous Career Powwow!