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Tax & Accounting Services for U.S. Expatriates

US Alumni Club has partnered with Badcock Persun - please support our partners as they support the Club and make it possible for it to operate. 


Badcock Persun was established in 2016 by Kevin Badcock and Cherie Persun by merging their two established practices to create the best strategic collaboration of US and UK tax services. Cherie is a CPA based in Orlando and is in London two of every four weeks, with Kevin also visiting the USA around 12 weeks per year.  Kevin and Cherie are happy to meet you in London or at your chosen location.


Badcock Persun is unique, with partners based on both sides of the ocean. You will always meet and talk with Kevin and Cherie, no managers or staff – these individuals are busy in the back office! So, you receive instant decisions without someone “having to refer back to the office”. They are available 24/7 with no call centre and offer fixed fees that can be paid monthly. Plus, they can offer you a free second review of your taxes.

We understand the interaction of UK and US tax and how to utilise the Tax Treaties, so you pay less tax!


If you are new to the UK, or have been here awhile and haven't been paying attention, this is important:

  • As a US citizen, even if you live in the UK, you are taxed on your worldwide income by the IRS

  • Your filing deadline for your 2017 taxes is 15th June, BUT many forget that any 2017 estimated tax payments are due no later than 16th January 2018 to avoid any penalties!

  • You have to report of ALL Foreign Bank and Financial Accounts (FBAR) if the aggregate maximum values in foreign accounts exceed $10,000 at any time during the calendar year – to be filed online by 15th October

  • The Foreign Earned Income Exclusion – FEIE can reduce to zero the tax on certain foreign earnings – we will help you with this!

  • Remember that the UK tax year runs from 6th April to 5th April and we can will convert this information to the US calendar tax year for you

  • You may be able to avoid all tax on your non-UK earnings

Haven't filed your US tax returns? Don’t panic! 

The streamlined filing procedure simplifies the compliance process. It only requires three years of federal tax returns to be filed with all the appropriate forms and schedules along with the last six years of foreign bank account reports.