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UK/US Tax & Accounting Services for US Expatriates

US Alumni Club has partnered with Badcock Persun - please support our partners as they support the Club and make it possible for it to operate. 

Who are Badcock Persun?

Badcock Persun was established in 2016 by Kevin Badcock, an English tax adviser and Cherie Persun, an American CPA. The synergy from merging their two established practices created a cost-effective tax service for US Expatriates. Cherie visits the London office 12 times a year with Kevin visiting the US office 12 times a year. Kevin and Cherie are happy to meet you in London or at your chosen location.

What Do They Do?

Badcock Persun provides tax and business advice to US Expatriates. Call to talk with Kevin and Cherie for your free 20 minute consultation, or have them provide a free second review of your tax affairs -- you will receive US and UK advice at the same time. As a client, you will always meet and talk with Kevin and Cherie as the managers and staff are busy in the back office. With no call centres, by leaving a message we’ll be sure to have your call returned within 2 hours.

Why Use Them?

  • Badcock Persun prepare and e-file ALL UK and ALL US tax returns.

  • Badcock Persun use the tax treaties to reduce your UK and US taxes.

  • You can benefit from their partner schemes e.g.: immigration attorneys and investment advisors.

  • Badcock Persun have reduced and eliminated penalties for multi-year non-filers.

  • Badcock Persun have obtained extensions beyond the usual filing deadlines.

  • Tax filings for ALL US states provided.

Haven’t filed your US or UK tax returns? Don’t panic!

For peace of mind and supportive help, contact Badcock Persun now.

Please note the US Alumni Club receives a referral fee, which helps us run the operating expenses for the Club.