by Rebecca Johannsen

What happens when women engage in combat? Does it change the way we engage in conflict? What does it uncover about expected gender roles? How does it impact men and women deployed to a part of the world where women have no voice? Women At War combines the verbatim interviews with women in the US Army’s Female Engagement Team deployed to Afghanistan in 2012-2013 along with poetry, movement, visual art, and music. Using movement, visual imagery, and verbatim dialogue, Women At War blows apart verbal language to explore the nature of trauma.

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Negotiating: Asking For What You Want

Do you find that it's easier to negotiate on behalf of others than it is to negotiate for your own benefit? Well, you're not alone! Research shows that many women perform better when they're advocating for others rather than when negotiating for themselves, especially when it comes to pay or promotion. Studies have also shown that there sometimes can be a social backlash when women ask for what they want. 

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